About Us

Greyhound Racing Seats is a young and dynamic Italian company , which was founded by the brilliant idea of ​​Alessandro Sferrella , thanks to his experience as a professional driver and multi-titled Go Kart Team Manager of the largest houses costrutrici Go Kart in the world, wanted to create to a company's production of seats for go karts , high-performance , the Greyhound !

Let me introduce myself : Alessandro Sferrella
The passion for competition and speed has led me to know the belissimo world of go karts at the age of 10 years and thanks to my dad, I started to do the first few races with 60 mini. I had a long career in Karting, dotted with many national and international titles in all categories in which I ran until 2006 , when I stop running " agonistic " to give birth to my team . Experience , passion, professionalism a bit of luck I have permeso to have a great success as a coach and countless vittoriedi Lorenzo Camplese , Federico Savona , Danilo Albanian , Paolo Ippolito are there to witness it .

Greyhound : Made in Italy
After years of experience I have noticed that the seats of the Go Kart was still considered "accessories " in which in addition to the colors , little had been done in terms of optimization technique and the use of special materials, so I thought I'd produce a seat that did the difference, and after almost 2 years of research and development , followed by laboratory testing and track, in early 2013 , was born the first seat produced by Greyhound. From the beginning , the focus on our seats is very high , they begin to get requests from team official and private , who immediately noticed that the seats of Greyhound make a difference and since its first races the results are more than good , winning victories in the most prestigious national and international competitions !

Our philosophy: Make The Difference
Search materials adapted to the mechanical twisting , skilled labor , dedicated operations and procedures such passion and professionalism are our business philosophy for a product made ​​in Italy dedicated to all fans of Go Kart who want to make a difference!

- The name Greyhound was chosen because it was the "real" first frame Go Kart with which Alexander Sferrella started to run ,
- Even today, Alessandro Sferrella personally test track in the various prototypes of seats then go into production ,
- Make the Difference Greyhound because the seats are born to make a difference!